A disastrous dinner

It looks delicious doesn’t it.

Well, looks can be deceiving.

I had been looking forward to preparing Saturday’s dinner all week.  I even had to make a special trip to the grocery store to pick up some Anaheim chilies.  After sauteing the onions and chilies to within an inch of their lives and baking the sought after meal topped with cheese in a casserole dish for 20 minutes, dinner was ready.

Ta da!

Or should I say “oh no.”

EPC and I politely ate what was on our plates, but the leftovers were not saved.  The dinner was a disaster.  EPC concurred, stating that without a doubt this was the worst meal of the year.  As an afterthought he mentioned that the refried beans were OK, but that I had made better.

Things can only go up from here.


3 responses to “A disastrous dinner

  1. Say it ain’t so!!!!

  2. Yup, the whole 9×13 pan straight into the garbage

  3. wow…a meal not worth eating! This happens all to often to me…pretty funny!

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