To tired to cook? Try Short-Cut Vegan.

“I am too tired to cook”.

I hear this a lot from my friends, my coworkers, my husband, and from my own two lips.

If you are too tired to cook, what are you eating?  Processed food.  Take-out.  Cereal.  Potato chips (been there, done that). A can of soup.  This is expensive, if you are eating out all the time, or just plain unsatisfying and unhealthy.

That is where Lorna Sass’s Short-Cut Vegan comes in.

I can get really caught up in cooking.  Not that I usually make things that are extremely involved, but cooking takes time.  Sometimes you would rather spend your evenings reading a book or watching TV and unwinding after a long day.  So just because you aren’t into cooking up a storm for a weeknight dinner, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a new recipe.

Fast cookbooks are all the rage these days, but many of them are not really that fast.  Or if they are fast, they are not “lazy fast”:  there is too much chopping, or stirring, or too many pots to wash up afterward.

Short-cut Vegan is fast and I mean really fast.  In addition, many of the recipes fit into my category of “lazy fast”.  The nice thing about this cookbook is that you can stock up on a few handy items and, should the mood not to cook strike, you can easily whip up a healthy dinner and have a few leftovers for lunch the next day without going through too much pain.

Over the last month I have made some quick and easy recipes from Short-Cut Vegan: Caribbean Black Bean Soup, Udon with Green Beans and Peanut SaucePosole, Bean and Corn Chili pictured directly above and Curry in a Hurry pictured at the beginning of the post.  They have all been quick and tasty – just as promised.


5 responses to “To tired to cook? Try Short-Cut Vegan.

  1. I need to add this book to my list. I love her whole grain books, but these recipes sound amazing too!

    • They are delicious. I love that they are so easy!
      I also have her vegetarian pressure cooker book and I just ordered her Complete Vegetarian Kitchen.

  2. This looks fantastic. I am so glad I found you! After I return, I hope to be cooking up a vegetarian storm!

  3. My husband has recently taken over consistent dinner duties during the week. He’s been using Donna Hay’s great book of quick food and now we’ll try this one. Thanks!

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