About Cookbook Cooks

I am no expert in the kitchen, but I love to cook.

I also love to find new cookbooks and new recipes.

My love of cooking, cookbooks and recipes are what Cookbook Cooks is all about.

The focus of this blog is most certainly vegetarian cooking.  I think everyone (vegetarian or not) eats vegetarian some of the time and has a friend or family member who is vegetarian or vegan, so we can all benefit from some well-placed non-meat focused recipes.   

I also like to bake with whole grains. I will confess that I am a bit lazy at times and a bit intimidated by anything that involves a rolling-pin. As a result, I have yet to make pastry or cut-out cookies.   Aside from getting to share my recipes and latest kitchen conquests, I am hoping that this blog pushes me out my comfort zone and has me up to elbows in flour rolling out a whole wheat pie crust.

With regard to the recipes, they come from everywhere – and not just vegetarian sources either!  In fact, the last two cookbooks I purchased by Nigella Lawson and Anita Stewart are far from vegetarian, but contain  some really great vegetarian recipes.

Happy recipe reading and cooking!

PS.  If you try a recipe or have any comments feel free to send a comment my way.

8 responses to “About Cookbook Cooks

  1. Would you like review copies of any of my vegan or pressure cooker cookbooks? If so, pls let me know where to send them. TX! http://www.lornasass.com

  2. Wonderful to meet you, Wednesday, Kelley! Wish we could have talked more…I will be back. I have you all hooked up and linked it.

  3. send me a message and I will tell you all through e-mail. Thanks SO much for your comment on my site. It means a LOT!

  4. I love food and your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Kelley
    You have created a great blog
    I am vegetarian and also a celiac so really appreciate
    your many recipes especially the gluten free

  6. Oh, Kelley – You must add Jeanne Lemlin to your collection. Her cookbooks are my absolute go-to favorites. She has a way of combining a few simple ingredients to create amazing flavors. Start anywhere: Quick Vegetarian Pleasures, Main Course Vegetarian Pleasures, Simple Vegetarian Pleasures, or Vegetarian Classics. You can’t go wrong, and once you’ve tried one of them, you’ll buy them all!

    • I am putting Vegetarian Classics on my Christmas list! I signed it out from the library and it is great. In fact, I made the Mac and Cheese with the smoked gouda and it was the best. Thanks for the recommendation and helping me round out my cookbook collection

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